Saturday, March 21, 2015

First Poppy blooms in Oak View

I love small towns.  It is so nice to share little garden successes. I have been anxiously waiting for these poppies to bloom in the mailbox garden.  Rich created this little garden around the mailbox just for me.  I was starving for my poppies.  My eyes lighted up when I saw the poppy seedlings at the Ojai Farmers Market.  They are nestled against a series of large rocks.  Rocks from our many travels.  We were off in the truck this morning.  I sat down in the passenger seat and looked up to see the poppies had pushed open the pod.  I was so excited that I yelled to Rich "The poppies bloomed!"  Of course he didn't quite hear me and he was wondering why I was running to the mailbox.

The leaves look like delicate, intricate crepe paper.  If you peer inside the bloom you can see a series of stamens lined up in an orderly row.  I made two sketches of the poppies standing out in the street in front of the mailbox.  Chuck, the mailman came by and I had to quickly move out of the way.  Chuck admired my poppies and then snapped a picture of them for his wife.  Mr. Bonner teased me just last week that someone may just come over and pick my poppies.  I looked at him in disbelief!  I could not imagine that anyone would pick my poppies but me!  They give me such joy.  I am glad my poppies and I are reunited in Oak View.  I cannot wait to grow more.